Did You Know Shakers Has Attractions for All Ages?

  Posted:5 months ago


Shakers Fun Centre is the perfect destination for people of all ages to enjoy fun, games, food, and great company.

Sometimes our kids want us to take them places where we know we are going to be bored out of our minds. On the flip side, how many places are there where adults can have fun and also keep their kids preoccupied?

Shakers offers the best of both worlds because it is designed to be fun for everyone!

Fun for Kids…

We have plenty of games and attractions that are fun for kids, like kids' go-karts, mini-golf, arcade games, laser tag, a rock wall, 5-pin bowling, and an inflatable village.

Shakers Fun Center is a great destination for kids' birthday parties since there are so many activities to choose from along with snacks and refreshments.

Fun for Adults…

We also have fun things for adults, like mini-golf, go-karts for adults, rock climbing, 10-pin bowling, arcade games for moms and dads, beer pong, and more.

Unlike fun centres that cater specifically towards children, Shakers even has their liquor license, which means that they can serve alcohol to those who are of age.

Shakers is a great place for organizing unique and unforgettable group events , like corporate outings and fundraisers.

Fun for Everyone!

Shakers has some activities that are fun for just kids or adults, but a lot of the attractions can be enjoyed by both kids and adults.

That's why Shakers is a great place to bring the whole family, because everyone can be included in activities, bond, and make memories together.