Win Unique Prizes That You Won't Find Anywhere Else

  Posted:8 days ago


Winners get to choose from a selection of unique prizes that you won't find anywhere else.

Shakers is extremely proud to source it's Redemption Prizes from some of the best suppliers in North America. Have you seen those inflatables? They're so fun. Find out what our patrons are saying about them:

At other places you have to play a million times to get points worth anything, then you have to go to a machine that may or may not be working, and put your tickets in, and THEN you have to line up to get your little plastic spider because that's all your points are worth.

NOT AT SHAKERS! The kids got a cool little credit card that kept track of their points, and at the end of a couple of hours they walked away with an inflatable donut, which my daughter just loved! And a cool little ninja figurine, plus other toys, we couldn't believe our loot!

Not to mention the Spiderman and the Unicorn we got from the Claw Game.

Shakers is very generous with its prizes.

- Pam C. mom of 4 year old and 7 year old

Come to Shakers and see for yourself. Take a chance on the Wheel, the Piano or try and take down those funny clowns in the carni-game. You might win inflatables, big sharks, huge plush, fun jewelry…

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